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Maria loves creating harmonious interiors with a complex blend of iconic and vintage design items, premium and high-end brands, custom-designed furniture and art, all sourced from around the globe. This comes from a professional portfolio of over 50 completed projects, a background in classic architectural education, a mindful feel of space and color as well as a well-traveled eye.


Born and raised in Moscow, Russia, Maria earned her Bachelor of Architecture in 2004 and then her Master of Interior Architecture and Design in 2006 from the renowned Moscow Architectural Institute. She started MARIA MIKENA INTERIORS the same year. 

Maria Mikena

Principal Designer

A passionate lifetime learner, Maria furthered her postgraduate education at the Moscow-based DETAILS Design School (IIDA)



Although she now resides in California, Maria has called many places her home, from Barcelona to Istanbul. This has led her to bring a touch of worldly and multicultural ambience to her work.

A fashion-forward, fervent traveler and mother of two, Maria falls in love with her projects, makes good friends with the clients and ultimately finds her way to create interiors that strike a balance between elegance and functionality, vibrancy and family-friendly coziness, all while articulating the client’s vision and personality.

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